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Alaska Tundra Tires
3830 Aircraft Drive
Anchorage, AK 99502


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Alaska Tundra Tires for Main Wheels:

We offer a high quality computer machined magnesium adaptor for your 6 inch Cleveland wheels to convert them to a 10 inch wheel. This allows the use of a variety of 10” rubber, including the 8.50x10 and the 29x11x10. We have a shaved 4 ply version of the 29 inch tire that has a more supple tread area at 10 lbs less per pair. Adding the adaptors renders a 11” wide wheel so all tire options give a significant increase in floatation with a very wide tread pattern and have proven very reliable in the bush for nearly 30 years.

More than 4 plies in 29” tire is fine for a Beaver or Helio but is on the stiff and heavy side for anything smaller. We May be the only place to get a certified 4-ply shaved 29x11x10 tire. We leave about 1/8” of tread using a certified “tread-shaving” process.

The Alaska Tundra tire has a very appropriate rigidity to the sidewall, especially for 2000 lb Gross Weight and up size aircraft, as well as a huge improvement in shock absorption and floatation compared to stock tires or 8.50x6 tires. We encourage you to be cautious of overpriced, overly soft tires that will wear out very quickly and may require large tail-wheel to be legal. The Ability to replace a single tire for 250-300 (approx) or affordably change between tire sizes is the icing on the cake with the Alaska Tundra Tire.

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