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Alaska Tundra Tires
formerly Gar-Aero or Gra-Aero

Press Release - 07/2009


There are some terrific new additions to the Gar Aero tundra tire STC. This is the famous Gar Aero Tundra tire that we now call the Alaska Tundra Tire. The 29" tire is officially included in the STC along with the 8.50x10 on our proven lightweight, computer machined, magnesium adaptors and there have been a huge amount of aircraft models added to the STC as well. Its still the ideal way to get a really significant high floatation tire by adapting 6" Cleveland wheels to a very wide, stout 10" wheel. Most notably on the model list the Cessna 206, 182 and even 172 were added. Its a huge model list now with the bushhawk, cubs, J3s 11s, 12s, 14s, stinsons, maules, Helios ETC ETC. Can you say no more tundra tire field approvals?? The Cessna Tricycle gear models require the large Landes Airglas nose fork, of course, but the tail draggers do not require a large tail wheel to go along with the big tires on the main wheels like some tundra tires.

We still are manufacturing and selling the proven large tail wheel fork modification for Scott 3200 and 4300 tail wheels as well for experimentals or field approval ,and are now actively pursuing STC on it. We have also tested the tire/adaptor/wheel assembly sucessfully with a massive side load and increased the weight limitaion on the adaptors for 3800 lbs GW. Seaplanes North (formerly Floats Alaska) at Lake Hood owns the Gar Aero STC, holds the PMA, and exclusively distributes the adaptors tires and tubes in pieces or kit form. We are not raising the price for now. As always we still offer the shaved version of the 29" tire which saves 10 lbs and makes the tread area more supple but the standard 29" and 8.50x10 (26") are both excellent options by offering superior width and flotation with proven reliability. Dont forget the versatility and affordability of the Alaska Tunra tire also. It allows you to replace tires very affordably whether it be for different mission, wear or age although these will wear much better than the competition to start with. There is a whole new world out there for pilots with Alaska Tundra Tires.

Press Release - 12/2006

Gar Aero Tundra Tires is now under new ownership. Floats Alaska LLC is now manufacturing and distributing the same proven products and keeping the costs of high floatation Alaskan Bush tires for your aircraft down under the name Alaska Tundra Tires. This versatile and proven product is in widespread use over a good portion of the globe.

Floats Alaska has purchased the assets of the Gar Aero or Gra Aero tundra tire business from Gary Stevenson and we are spooling up to provide wheel adaptors tires and tail wheel kits. We have already transferred the STC to our name, added the 6 to 10 inch adaptors to our PMA and have received the first batch. Furthermore we have gotten an FAA approved process in place for Shaving the 29” tires which will hopefully added to the STC sometime this spring. They are field approvable for now. We have the wide tail wheel fork and tire kits in stock for 3200 and 3400 Scott tail wheels as well.

Alaska Tundra Tires for Main Wheels:

We manufacture a magnesium adaptor for your 6 inch Cleveland wheels to convert them to a 10 inch wheel. This allows the use of a variety of 10” rubber, including the 8.50x10 and the 29x11x10. We have a shaved 4 ply version of the 29 inch tire that has a supple tread area with an appropriate amount of stiffness in the sidewall and at a good weight. These both give a significant increase in floatation and tire radius for rolling over larger obstacles and have proven very reliable.

Our main competition makes a good tire that fits the 6” wheel. They are quite soft and can potentially take frontal impacts very well with their tall sidewall and light, supple construction. The down sides, besides cost, is that they wear quickly and the sidewall is evidently too soft for side loads such as curved or off camber runways (beaches) or crosswinds. We have heard numerous first hand reports of these undesirable characteristics. The Alaska Tundra tire has a more appropriate rigidity to the sidewall, especially for 2000 lb Gross Weight and up size aircraft, as well as a huge improvement in shock absorption and floatation compared to stock tires or 8.50x6 tires. The competitions smooth tires are also much more expensive to buy initially as well as to replace and We have heard numerous reports from 180/185 and 206 customers that they wear very quickly compared to typical aircraft rubber. If you wear out the rubber or it gets cut or damaged prematurely for example, the 10” inch rubber for Alaska Tundra Tires is much more readily available and far far more affordable. ($500 versus $1500 for 29” tires as an approximate example) The versatility of being able to affordably change between tire sizes with the Alaska Tundra Tire system is a significant benefit as well.

Alaska Tundra Tire Tail Wheels:

We manufacture an extra wide Aluminum tail fork to fit Scott 3200 and 3400 tail wheel “heads”. Our kit includes the bearing race and bushing for easy installation. With the tail wheel kit is a spacer to make your tail wheel wide enough to fill out the new fork and includes the longer axle bolt and wheel half bolts, a 4,00x4 tire and tube. This system gives a nice round tread tire with a wide tread pattern on the ground for superior floatation and shock absorption without being so heavy and tall that it puts undue loads on the tail spring or stinger like the 500x5 system. Again our competition makes a nice system that is very similar and in fact copies ours. Their fork appears to be well built and they have a smooth tire. From what we have seen it is a nice kit and STC approved but almost twice the cost and has the significant disadvantage of being only applicable to aircraft with 26” or larger main wheels. Our tail wheel is not STC approved (yet) but is readily field approvable. We can help with that too as we have an LDER on staff.

On the subject of Field Approvals for main or tail wheels.

Field approvals have indeed become more difficult in recent years but of all things tire modifications and especially tail wheels on general aviation aircraft don’t seem to be the subject of any intense scrutiny. Tundra tires in general are the only field approval for which there is a system in place for application to the FAA. The Tundra tire work sheet is part of the fairly effective established system. We still do them pretty regularly and also have an LDER on staff to help if needed.

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