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Alaska Tundra Tire Tail Wheels:

For your Forays off-pavement we offer a CNC machined, extra wide Aluminum tail fork and wheel spacer to fit Scott 3200 and 3400 tail wheel “heads”. The spacer makes the wheel wide enough to fill out the new fork. The kit includes bearing race and bushing for easy installation, as well as longer axle bolt, wheel half bolts, and a 4.00x4 tire and tube.

This system gives a nice round-treaded tire with a wide tread pattern on the ground for superior floatation and shock absorption that is nearly a foot in diameter. We caution against buying an overpriced copy of our tail wheel conversion with 10 times the tire replacement cost as it may wear quickly and be legal only with 26” or larger main wheels. Our tail wheel has been field approved and used very reliably around the globe for decades. We are currently pursuing an STC approval. In the mean time, we encourage you to contact us for help with Field approval if necessary.

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